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Attention Content Marketers

Your Industrial Company Needs Powerful

and Engaging Freelance Content Writers

Are you having a hard time finding good B2B freelance content writers? Writers who understand your industrial business and don't need a lot of handholding. Writers who can meet your schedule and stay on budget. Writers who are easy to work with.

If you are, I may be able to help you.

My name is Tom McCauley. I work with industrial companies like yours to increase their revenues by helping them create content and other marketing materials to generate leads and convert leads to customers.

And, unlike most other writers, I'm an experienced electrical power consulting engineer who can write clear, technically sound, easy to understand content and copy. I understand how engineers think, talk and write. Because I speak Engineerlish, I can write the technical materials for engineers and translate them into English for decision-makers.

What my clients have said about my B2B writing:

  "Your responsiveness, understanding of the product, and overall service were excellent".

 -- Jackie Burtle, HVB AEPower Systems, Inc.

"This is fabulous!  It's not often that an article I requested gets submitted in English -- 

                               ---it's usually in engineering-lish."

 --  A.V.R, Editor, IEEE-USA in ACTION & Today's Engineer

"Thank you very much for assisting us and taking on a last minute project. EAD appreciates your services."

--  Ryan C. Amys, Industrial Pre-Construction Manager, EAD Constructors Inc.

  "Hi, Tom! Great! They loved hearing a fresh voice!

 -- Kate Greene, National Fire Protection Association, Marketing"

If there is any way that I can help you, please call or e-mail me

Learn more about me, my experience, and how I may be able to help you.


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