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Naturally, you want to know whether my freelance copywriting experience will be of benefit to you and improve your marketing ROI. With that in mind here is a sampling of the direct response copywriting,  business-to-business copywriting and miscelaneous articles/content that I have created for various clients arranged by copy category and  type. Click on the links below to view samples: Then call me so we can discuss how we can work together to improve your bottom line and your marketing ROI.

Direct Response Copywriting/Marketing

Ad Copy:

Direct Mail Package:


Fund Raising:

Press Releases:

Real Estate Investing

B2B Copywriting/Marketing:

B2B Trade Magazine Article Ghost Writing:
  •  Because of nondisclosure confidentiality agreements no specifics can be listed


    • Forensic Engineering - An In Depth Look - because of volume, materials available on request

    Technical Articles:

    Technical White Papers:



    Book Editing

          "Adventures of a CODA -Child Of Deaf Adults" - A Memoir by

           Ruth A. Reppert


               See Blog tab on website

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