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About You

Hard Working 24/7/365 Marketing Professional

You are a hardworking marketing/communications professional whose job is to generate leads for your company's sales force. You're probably overworked. Forced to multitask even when you know that's not effective. At the mercy of your boss' latest great idea.

Constantly reachable day and night - vacation or not.

You never know when the campaigns you're working on and close to completing may be changed or killed by management for unknown reasons.

You have a life membership in the Tums club.

Responsible for Return on Investment (ROI) for Marketing

Your boss is watching the ROI of his marketing budget and has you report on it regularly. 

You know that's a very difficult number to calculate, particularly, if a lot of your marketing is in the form of image or brand marketing - trade magazine ads, possibly TV or Radio ads.  There is really no way to determine with any degree of accuracy how much business these ads are bringing in.

As John Wannamaker, father of the department store, said, " half of all my advertizing budget is wasted - problem is, I don't know which half." That's probably your problem too.

Now if you were to devote a major chunk of your marketing budget to direct response B2B copywriting you would be able to measure response and consequently ROI. Just a thought.

Dealing with Changing Marketing Methods

Another issue you must constantly deal with is the changing world of marketing. Up until Google changed the rules, SEO was the holy grail of Internet marketing.  And now social media marketing is the latest shiny silver object (measuring ROI for social media is as difficult as for magazine and TV ads).

Recognising that Content is Back

Now, guess what? Content marketing is back. I say back, because it was always there and has been from the start of B2B marketing during the Great Depression but got pushed into the background when all of the new methods emerged.

So, now you're trying to find freelance copywriters that can create good B2B content for your print and Internet marketing materials while at the same time trying to keep your eye on SEO, social media and whatever the next big thing is going to be.

You Keep Looking for Good B2B Copywriters to Help You

You soldier on relying on your instincts to sniff out good B2B copywriters who can create content for you that will produce a stream of new, qualified leads for your company - make your life easier and keep your boss happy.

No Time to Handhold

You're too busy to teach a copywriter about your business.  You need someone who can come up to speed fast and will not bury you with questions.  You want to take things off your to-do list - not add things to it. 

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Call Me. I Can Help. 847-989-5517

I can approach your business with a fresh outsider perspective - not simply copying the marketing of your competitors.

And since I'm in business for myself, I understand the pressures you feel.

Call me at 847-989-5517 if you could use some help and want to make your life a little easier.

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