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About Me

The Engineer Who can Write Well and Sell

I'm Tom McCauley, a freelance B2B copywriter/marketer. My focus is on the industrial/energy sector - architect/engineer firms, consulting firms, electrical utility issues, electrical safety, forensic engineering and industrial equipment marketing. By writing marketing materials I help companies in those areas succeed and increase their profits.

My training and experience are in electrical power engineering. For many years I prepared proposals to win engineering projects and presented them to client management. As part of this effort, I wrote many technical papers demonstrating the thought leadership of the company I worked for. Consequently, I understand sales and marketing.

I'm listed in the Who's Who in Illinois Engineering.

Why Me? Engineerlish spoken here.

You need someone who understands engineering and how engineers work and think. Someone who can act as a liaison between marketing and engineering/manufacturing at your company. That's what I bring to your business marketing, copywriting and content creation. My background is in electrical power engineering consulting. And I'm still a practicing engineer so I can understand engineering jargon and can explain complex technical issues in simple terms. Few business-to business copywriters have my combination of engineering background and writing skills. 

Recent Projects:

1. Direct Mail Package for the National Fire Protection Association soliciting attendees for the NEC 2014 training course

2. White paper for an engineering firm showcasing its expertise in construction at food processing plants while the plants continue to operate.

How did I Become a Copywriter?

I grew up and went to college in Ireland so I suppose I've got the gift of the gab.

I have been interested in writing since I was in kindergarten. All through high school I enjoyed English composition and many of my teachers complimented me on my writing.

During the summer while in college, I used to go to London to work because there were no jobs for students in Ireland. One summer a friend of mine and I got fed up with working in factories in London and since we both were interested in writing we thought we would try to get work at a newspaper.  

We decided to start at the top with the Times of London.  It's hard to believe today but we got an interview with the chief editor of the Times.  He was very helpful and suggested that we start at a local paper and come back when we had some experience.

But my college degree was in engineering so that's where I ended up working initially in Ireland, then in West Germany and finally in the US as an electrical power engineering consultant.

Consultants do a lot of writing

In my engineering consulting life I was the go-to-guy in the electrical department for marketing papers and client presentations. These included a number of case studies and over 12 published, peer-reviewed, technical white papers on various topics, one of which won an award. The numerous reports and PowerPoint presentations I have prepared for internal and external clients further honed my writing skills. 

College Lecturing Experience

Teaching evening division undergraduate and graduate level courses in electromechanical energy conversion at the Illinois Institute of Technology for six years taught me how to present complex material in easy to understand terms.

Litigation Support Expert Reports

Since a portion of my engineering practice is litigation support, I also prepare expert reports for cases involving electrical accidents, equipment and systems. 

Such reports must present my opinions on complex electrical matters in terms the judge and jurors can understand so that they can reach a verdict. Accurate and unambiguous writing is a must in this area.

 A New Business is Born

As I mentioned I've always liked writing and am good at it.  I found that the business-to-business copywriting area matched my writing skills pretty well.  So, I decided to make copywriting my main business, complemented by my engineering.

How We Will Work Together?

My years as an engineering consultant taught me the skills to determine what a client's needs are. This involves spending time with you, in person or on the phone, to understand your business and what you hope to achieve with the copy and how you propose to measure the results. 

I can then write copy to address your needs and offer suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your marketing materials.

My Engineering Background

Click HERE to review my electrical power engineering background.

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